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Learning to follow Jesus

In today’s world, students experience a barrage of information and culture, and it’s easy to follow the way the world tells them to live. But the way the world says to approach life is often in direct opposition to the way Jesus teaches us to live. So within our Trinity Student Ministries (TSM) we cultivate an environment where following Jesus is the true approach to life. Students learn to connect with Jesus, follow Him better, and then are encouraged to reflect Jesus to others.

TSM Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings we teach students practical skills to help them live out their faith in the everyday stuff of life. This year we will focus on three skills for 12 week periods:

  • Studying the Bible
  • Prayer
  • Sharing the Gospel with others.

Junior High (6th-8th grade) and Senior High (9th-12th grade) will meet in the Student Center & Lounge.

TSM Sunday Nights

Students (6-12 grade) learn how to live Gospel-Centered lives together with other students with the Bible as the focal point. We accomplish this by:

  • Gospel-Centered Messages
  • Building Relationships in Small Groups
  • Providing a Fun Environment to Worship and Hang Out

We believe the best way to follow Jesus is with other people who are also learning to follow Jesus.

Junior High & Senior High will have announcements & worship together and after will split off for separate Biblical teaching and small group time.

Follow Me Outline
Devotional Plan

Student Weekly Devotional

If you have any questions, contact Josh Williams, Student Ministries Pastor, 952.469.6240; or Erin Tornell, Student Ministries Admin, 952.469.6256.

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