Trinity Church – Lakeville, MN


Spreading the love of Jesus in our community and around the world

As a church body we know that we’ve been redeemed through Jesus, although none of us deserve it. We’re forever grateful for the grace that God has shown us. So grateful in fact, that we cannot help but tell others about what God has done, and show the kind of love to others that He has shown to us.

So we reach out to our community and around the world to spread the good news of Jesus.

We believe in taking the initiative to advance God’s kingdom in obedience to His word. We do so by living out the following values in all places–locally, regionally, and globally:

  • Engaging all People–Crossing ethnic, cultural, economic and geographic barriers to engage those different than ourselves with the good news of Jesus.
  • Bold Witness–Declaring the good news of Jesus is central to all we do.
  • Prayerful Dependence–seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit in where, when, and how we invest resources so we can have the greatest impact for God’s kingdom.
  • Living a Life of Love–Demonstrating the love, compassion, and justice of Jesus by meeting the real and tangible needs of those in our community and around the world.
  • Mobilizing Members–Offering opportunities for our church community to engage in ministries or organizations that will impact people with the good news of Jesus.
  • Being and Making disciples–Providing friendships and clear paths for growing as a Jesus follower and empowering those who are following Jesus to help others do the same.