Trinity Church – Lakeville, MN

Next Steps

Next Steps

Every one of us has a next step to take as a Jesus follower. Whether you have yet to commit your life to Christ or you have been a believer for years, we want everyone to grow in their relationship with Christ and others. Below are some of the next steps we encourage you to take when it comes to your faith journey.



Maybe you’ve been following Jesus for a while but have yet to acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savior. The scriptures make it clear, and Jesus said himself, that those who believe are those who have eternal life. We believe that belief is our first step because that’s the point at which we cross from death to life, from lost to found and from orphan to adopted son or daughter. And only when we believe are we filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, who empowers us to grow, serve and share the gospel with others. Feel free to contact a staff pastor if you have questions about what it means to put your faith in Jesus.


Get Baptized

Baptism is an important step of obedience that shows others we have personally trusted Jesus for our salvation. Jesus was baptized when He was on the earth, and we do this to follow His example. When Christians are baptized, they are submerged under water to identify with the death and burial of Jesus and raised out of the water to identify with His resurrection. Please contact a staff pastor or fill out this form if you are interested in being baptized.


Join a Community Group

In Community Groups at Trinity, ideas and applications from Sunday gatherings and Trinity classes are explored and practiced with others who are also committed to following Jesus. Transparency, accountability and community come together to create a safe environment where everyone involved can use their unique gifts. Groups don’t isolate from the world for safety or comfort. Instead, they unite to engage people in their local context at every opportunity to build relationships so the gospel can have its transforming impact in them and through them. In Community Groups, acquaintances become friends and friends become the family of God. Contact Pastor Tim Pace if you’re ready to join a community group.



Jesus gave everything for us when he went to the cross for our sin. We now give what we have back to Him in order that His kingdom might be advanced in our city. When we give financially, it helps fuel the mission we have been given to reach the south metro with the good news of the gospel. You can give online at any time, on Sunday mornings or set up a recurring giving account from the “Give” tab at the top of the page.



We long to serve Jesus because he has so faithfully served us, and we serve Him by serving others. Serving other people within our church body or within the broader community is one of the main ways God uses to grow us as believers. Fill out our serving form here and someone from our staff will contact you about getting involved!


Become a Member

We encourage everyone who would call Trinity their church home to consider church membership. Becoming a member entails committing to living out our values, to service, and to the Biblical truths that we hold dear. Our membership process begins online and you can begin at any time. You will then have the opportunity to have a Q and A with a staff pastor before being approved by our Elder Team. Email Deb Binder if you are interested in beginning the membership process.


Develop a Life of Prayer

Christianity isn’t about religion. It’s about a reconciled relationship with the God of the universe. Because of Jesus, we now have the opportunity to go into the presence of God directly and speak to him whenever we like. It’s during these times of prayer where God molds our hearts and wills to make us more and more in the likeness of Christ. You can also submit a prayer request here.


Share Your Story

One of the biggest ways we testify to the transforming power of the gospel is by telling our story of redemption. If you’ve been changed by the love of Christ we encourage you to share your story where you live, learn, work and play. The kingdom of God is advanced when believers share how God’s story has changed their story.