Trinity Church – Lakeville, MN


Making Disciples…
from hello to heaven!

Small Groups

In Trinity Small Groups, knowledge explodes into action. Ideas and applications from Sunday gatherings and Trinity classes are practiced here. Spirit-inspired transparency, accountability, and community come together to create an environment where everyone involved can use their unique gifts while engaging others. These groups don’t isolate from the world for safety or comfort, rather they encourage and accompany each other while moving out, with the gospel, to everyone around them. They are committed to “embrace the uncomfortable” for the sake of those who need the Good News! In Small Groups acquaintances become friends and friends become the family of God. Contact: Tim Pace 952.469.6266

Trinity Classes

Trinity Classes are designed to help you understand the will of God as it is revealed in Scripture and apply those principles in an ever-expanding way while you engage in a daily, missional life. Contact: Tim Pace 952.469.6266

Prime Timers

You’re never too old to stop growing. Enjoy time with others who are 55+ by serving and attending events that help you become more like Jesus. Contact: Lynette Simmons.