Trinity Church – Lakeville, MN

Share Your Story

Everyone has a story. Every person is a storyteller.  

Our lives are made up of stories. They are the language of our world. Just think about your favorite books or movies. They draw us in, and before we know it, we’ve entered the drama ourselves and it becomes a part of our own experience. Stories are the most powerful form of communication we have. They speak to the mind, the body, and the emotions.

Every one of us has a story, and all of our stories are part of the greatest story.

Brian Godawa, an award-winning filmmaker, says it this way: “We are creatures of story, created by a storytelling God, who created the very fabric of our reality in terms of His story. Rather than seeing our existence as a series of unconnected, random events without purpose, storytelling brings meaning to our lives through the analogy of a carefully crafted plot that reflects the loving sovereignty of the God of the Bible.”

All of our stories are a part of God’s story, and Jesus is the hero of that story. When we realize this, we have within us the power to change a culture and influence our community with the gospel. Our story isn’t just for entertainment or small talk, it’s an important piece in engaging in the mission of God in everyday life.

When we tell our story in light of God’s greater story, we encourage other believers and inspire the body toward the multiplication of disciples–the very reason for our existence as the church.

We would love for you to be a part of Storytellers.