Trinity Church – Lakeville, MN


These ideas aren’t meant to be a “project” but should be an opportunity to spend meaningful
time with a person or people who don’t know Jesus.

  • Clean up a park in or near your neighborhood or ask your city to suggest one. Ask neighbors to help organize and/or participate with the clean up. Encourage them to invite friends then bring your Trinity friends to help, mingle, and relationally share Jesus as good news.
  •  Invite your neighbors to a party (birthday, anniversary, etc.) and have food or cake to celebrate with you. It’s a way to let them know they are welcome to be a part of your life.
  •  Write a letter to your neighbors inviting them to go caroling this Christmas. Then organize a dessert/coffee night to practice before the big day.
  • Help a family with their kid’s fundraiser. Every parent dreads the day their kid brings home that box of candy or poinsettia order form to raise needed money for school band, sports team, or scout troop. Enlist your small group to help a family accomplish this task.
  • Visit a local retirement community. Set up a schedule for ongoing visits.
  • Invite friends, co-workers or neighbors to make gift bags for those at exit ramps to include a water bottle, socks, tuna and crackers, granola bar or cereal bar, etc.
  • Almost every school has needs, ask them how your group can help.
  • Invite a neighbor you don’t know to dinner (yes, this fits for SOAS).
  • Invite people to join your family for Thanksgiving who may be alone for the holiday.
  • Get to know the servers, clerks, and others at the places you frequent: listen to their stories, listen for needs, and invite others to join you. Be intentional about engaging the people you see most often and look for ways to deepen those relationships.
  • Volunteer at a local homeless shelter. Bring friends or co-workers to help.
  • Help clean someone’s house or garage. Offer to take unwanted items to ReStored.
  • Help someone with their errands (shopping, taxiing, etc.). Take another person with you who you would like to get to know better.