Trinity Church – Lakeville, MN


How do I get involved?

Every one of us have friends who we spend time with regularly. Ask around. See if your friends are thinking about being part of SOAS. Ask if you can join them or if they would like to join you.

  • Pray, listen, observe, dream
  • Enlist your small group.
  • Join a small group that is in your area and be part of what they are doing.
  • Ask for help. Ask Trinity staff for ideas of others in your area who are participating.

What do I do? What “counts” as a SOAS project?

First of all, don’t think of SOAS as a project.
It’s not about doing it right, it’s about doing something. Think of SOAS as being intentional about spending meaningful time with someone or a group of people who you or your close friends know that doesn’t yet know Jesus. This doesn’t have to be an act of service, but it is an act of showing the love of Jesus.
Ask yourself:

  • Do I suspect this person doesn’t know Jesus?
  • Do I (or one of my close friends) have the opportunity to see this person regularly?
  • Did I show them the love of Jesus in a way I believe they will recognize as loving?

If you can answer “yes” to those questions, then it counts!

What is the time frame for SOAS?

Now through Celebration Sunday on Nov. 18. We will be posting stories in the lobby during this time to encourage you and inspire you as you Step Out and Serve.

Will serving opportunities be provided for me?

We will give some ideas for you to use with your small group or as a family but we will not be organizing serving opportunities this year. See the “Ideas” page.

What are some suggestions for ways to engage with those who don’t know Jesus?

  • Think first about the person or people the Holy Spirit is leading you to deepen your relationship with. Often when you start thinking about a person and praying for them, opportunities will present themselves.
  • See the “Ideas” page
  • Check out the displays in the Trinity lobby to see what others are doing.
  • Have a brainstorming session with others in your group. Someone might say something that gives you an idea you would have never had on your own.